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(Русский) Справка о несудимости

Non-Conviction Certificate (or Certificate of Absence of Criminal Record) is an instrument verifying absence or presence of criminal conviction of a certain person and is issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. When ordering this Certificate in our Company, no Power of Attorney is required and you need not worry about additional expenses. To order the Non-Conviction Certificate...
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We can:
  • provide You with the courier delivery up to the Office;
  • or with the delivery via express-mail to any country!

To obtain more detailed information, please download the file with our pricing or call our specialists on the numbers: +38 (068) 932-81-89; +38...

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Lingvo Ukraine Translation Agency provides editing services for the translations already made. Our experts will check the translation for its accuracy and relevance to the original document, correct grammatical and stylistic errors.We do not accept automatic language translation!

To obtain more detailed information, please download the file with our pricing...

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Formatting a document for translation means successfully replicating how a source document looks. This includes recreating watermarks, inserting borders, superimposing text over images, and reproducing other details. You can easily order the text formatting in our agency and the translated document will have the same look as the original with the only difference...
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